Why me for your soundy? sound man..

There are several sound people, aka sound recordists or mixers out there and many have the urge to shop around on rates, but buyer beware, the cheapest route is not often the best. Compare putting cheap tires on a Ferrari? is this idea wide at 200+ miles an hour ?? Probably not in the same instance of hiring a professional sound person, where you save a few bucks at the expense of efficiency, top equipment, prior experience and familiarity. Add my experience dating to 1990/91 to these factors and you are sure to have a problem free when you travel into Colorado. Why jeopardize an entire production budget taking chances on a professional, especially when you travel into Colorado for your one-shot chance. Think of your sound as just as important or more in many instances to your video or film, as if it’s not clear, clean and problem free you have wasted time & money.

Why Hire a Sound Recordist to Assist Your Production

There are several reasons to spend extra money to make your shoot as smooth as possible by hiring a well qualified location sound mixer/recordist/person, including:

  1. Relying on several on-camera people all to have simultaneous clear, crisp, audible & usable sound requires a sound person.
  2. Traveling all the resources in the world and not using a veteran freelance sound recordist to mix & record the best audio on your production can result in good video but lacking the accompanying sound to impact your audience.
  3. Professional sound mixing & recording equipment is far superior to monitor audio quality, as well any problems from the camera’s speaker, and most cameras have a maximum of isolated inputs of 2, and sometimes 4 dedicated inputs, unlike a multiple track mixer recorder that can take 4 or more sources to their own clean tracks.
  4. Costs of traveling a sound person from another state or country are compounded by airfare, hotel, rental car, baggage fees, airport parking, among other costs, whereas hiring a local sound man can cut these substantially.
  5. Hiring a local freelance sound person can bring you the comfort as a camera person to concentrate on your creative demands.
  6. Moving production equipment on location is always faster with the helpful hands of a local freelance hire.
  7. Many camera people (DP/DOP/director of photography, videographers or operators), don’t have the more comprehensive background of mixing & recording sound like sound people have, and often not the interest insisting on the expertise of an additional sound person.
  8. Hiring a dedicated sound person to concentrate of every portion of your sound recording enables you as a camera person to concentrate on continuity, credibility, actor delivery, lighting/exposure, client communications and schedules or anything else that requires diversion away from intensive recording/mixing of audio.
  9. Hiring a local dependable sound guy like myself can insure a future of production of hiring a resource anytime to assist you when you travel into Colorado for any type of production in video, film or television.
  10. Hiring a sound person for on certain on-camera assignments, to many is a must. Many news networks, television networks or producers, agencies among others demand a sound person is required. An example includes a live hit (live broadcast), on a morning show where the sound person handles PL, IFB, multiple microphone sources, a mixer recorder, time code sync, among other tasks will always require the veteran sound person to be on the crew. Motion picture films always require a sound person, and for features from distributors, it’s demanded to have a crew of sound people.
  11. Taking a crash course in location sound will most likely crash and burn your production, so do yourself a favor and hire an experienced sound guy like myself to set your production on the right track / success.
  12. Good veteran sound people have invested in the right adaptable equipment for any type of, or most any type of production, and a really adaptable experienced location sound mixer can adapt to your type of shoot often with their equipment. Sound people whom are experienced and resourceful can adapt their equipment to mix & record from non traditional or challenging audio sources.
  13. I have the additional experience to assist in lighting, grip, moving equipment, among other common tasks to speed up your production. Imagine wrapping up, making your flight, and having a great shoot in Denver or Colorado.
  14. I have additional camera support equipment to reduce your air fare cargo / extra baggage costs and can provide these resources to you as a client.
  15. Aside from Denver I’m close to the major production markets and populations and can work as a local in many metro areas, among other Colorado areas.

For questions, rates, costs or to book me, it’s fastest to reach me by telephone at (720) 299-2084. Email is: