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Freelance local Colorado Springs & all Colorado Production Location Sound Recordist,
(720) 299-2084

(720) 299-2084

For crews, producers or other clients needing a local freelance veteran dependable sound man in Colorado Springs CO with ample location sound gear, as well, the additional gear as well the additional experience that can reduce airline or other travel costs, call me for your sound guy, Nick of Mister Photon Media. I’m a Colorado native with professional experience in production since 1990 in video, film as well television production. I’m my gender as a sound guy, I will also refer you to other sound recordists if I am busy, and can also provide lighting, grip, or other camera support equipment when you hire me at reasonable costs.  As a veteran sound man with experience lasting decades I can provide you a comprehensive solution with the right audio gear, even if your camera has proprietary audio connections, such as RED, or Alexa, or to other make of camera. I and my referrals cover the the Colorado Springs area including it’s surrounding areas from (map links to Google) Castle Rock, Franktown, Cripple Creek, Black Forest, Sedalia, Monument, Manitou Springs, Canon City, Larkspur and further down Pueblo or wherever else you need in Colorado. I provide production /location sound services through these areas and the state, and will also refer other sound mixers & recordists’ in the area as well if I am already booked on a production the days of your shoot. As a audio tech/technician I can piece together the best equipment resources and referrals or other camera support equipment or crew members in many major Colorado populated areas.

Here’s a playlist that you can skip forwards and backwards through on some various productions, but is by no means complete in my work history, but you will get the idea of my expertise in video, film and television production.

Contact Me for Location Sound
& Camera Support in Colorado Springs or Colorado

For more information, please contact me, Nick at (720) 299-2084

Contacting me by telephone is fastest. My contact page has all options to reach me as well.

Here’s a quick summary of capabilities location audio services in Colorado

  • Location sound mixing and recording specific to television, video or film production – often called a location sound mixer or recordist.
  • Boom operation for film crews or video crews or for television in tandem with other audio roles.
  • ENG and SNG or uplink truck audio (including sports) mixing and recording.
  • Documentaries in both video or film.
  • Corporate video crew expertise.
  • Television commercials, infomercials for broadcast or for social media or web.
  • Documentaries in both film, as well video/television.
  • Reality television location mixing and recording – aka factual entertainment or reality TV.
  • ISO/Multi track mixing and recording for film or specific television productions, including with time code.
  • Studio sound mixing, recording, post production editing and sweetening.
  • Audio engineering for 35mm film sync on location or in post or other non synced media with recorded sound.
  • Camera Support in other roles like gaffer, grip, AC, or others referred to you, or hire me to mix sound and provide additional assistance to you, as well as your sound man.
  • Other equipment rentals available in lighting, grip or other camera support gear.
  • Other production expertise for sound mixing / recording on various video, television or films.
  • Other sound assistance or camera support.

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Television Crew on location for reality TV show "The Last Cake Standing," High Noon Entertainment, Denver Colorado.
Television Crew on location for reality TV show “The Last Cake Standing,” High Noon Entertainment, Colorado.[/caption]

The City of Colorado Springs &
My Nearby Experience as a Sound Man

Call for television commercials, political campaigns, corporate videos, politics and conventions, news / PR events, specific television programs, sports, documentaries, film production and many other demanding productions I have provided myself as a sound person through the city + the state. As a sound man and production professional I’m very familiar with Colorado Springs nearby popular areas for production including the cities of Cripple Creek, Pueblo, Monument, Castle Rock, Castle Pines,  among other southern CO areas, typically always hosting production as well. If I’m booked, I can refer another sound person with specific matching audio expertise as well, from boom operation, mixing multiple sources to camera or recorder, for a truck shoot (live production), for film production or for experience with common modern day video cameras, from DSLR to high end cinema cameras, film cameras or ENG/EFP styles of productions.
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For more production samples, visit my demo reel page. 

What are the tasks of a production sound person,
AKA a sound recordist?

Regardless of what city, town, state, country or planet the audio tech (will be referred to as a sound person below) is responsible for mixing audio from hard wire lavaliers or wireless, hand held microphones, boom microphones, phone bridges, through a ENG or EFP mixer (often a mixer/recorder combination) then often passing the clean audio to a camera or external recorder, which is most often digital. The mixer hardware is designed for ENG or EFP audio mixing and often recording is a portable mixer with 2 channels or more. With cameras minus good audio recording ability, such as DSLR or 35mm film cameras the sound person is a critical person for recording sound as DSLR’s have minus audio preamps for signal processing, as film camera only acquire image onto the motion picture film. Film cameras however output time code in modern day so the sound recordist in film production roles can easily sync up the audio with the right audio equipment.

For more production samples, visit my demo reel page. 

About Colorado Springs CO Area

Colorado Springs is equally populated as Denver and spans more area with the same types of businesses, but also has reach into the Colorado Rocky Mountains with proximity to famous Pike’s Peak. Colorado Springs has several large business headquarters & satellite offices as well. The city also has several worldwide community relations tied to the US Olympic Committee along with a scientific research community as well. The United States Air Force Academy is also located in Colorado Springs, as well Fort Carson, and The Garden of The Gods, a popular scenery area for video, film and television productions. Go Back Up to the top of this page.

Sports Interview Sample, Peyton Manning 3 Camera Interview

Aside from location sound, I’m skilled at camera, lighting and other production skills & backgrounds. Here’s also a 3 camera Peyton Manning interview. I can refer friends if I am busy as well, so bring friends with other production expertise to help you form your camera crew in Colorado or any other Colorado area. This video was recorded in Centennial Colorado at the Denver Broncos training facility.

For more production samples, visit my demo reel page. 

Nearby Areas & Surrounding Colorado Springs

There are small to mid sized cities surrounding Colorado Springs and I provide local freelance location production sound recordist services as well, among other production support to clients. I have provided sound man services to areas that also include:

  • Black Forest CO
  • Peyton
  • Woodland Park
  • Divide
  • Cripple Creek CO
  • Victor / Victorville
  • Fountain
  • Pikes Peak
  • Flourissant
  • Larkspur
  • Monument
  • Ellicott
  • Yoder
  • Calhan
  • Rush
  • Ramah
  • Simla
  • Guffrey
  • Hartsel
  • Tarryall
  • Deckers
  • Truckton
  • Wigwam
  • Castle Pines
  • Castle Rock
  • Greenland Colorado
  • Among some other areas I have provided myself as a sound guy or in other production expertise.

I also provide location sound mixer services as a freelancer in ALL other Colorado areas not listed on this page.

Local Colorado Springs CO camera crew for NBC Sports & The Golf Channel, including Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media.
Local Colorado Springs CO camera crew for NBC Sports & The Golf Channel, Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media at the US Women’s Open Golf Tournament.

Contact Information

Nick, call by telephone or text to

(720) 299-2084

Telephone is the fastest contact. 

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Production samples from Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media. Reality Show, The Bachelor, TV commercial and concert performance.