Local Denver & Colorado sound recordist, professional since 1990

Need a local Denver CO freelance sound man?

For camera crews or other clients needing a local sound recordist, often called a sound man or a sound guy in my male gender, I provide these services to clients coming into Colorado or Denver as a local resource. What sets me apart from other location sound recordists is I have been a production professional since 1990, and have mixed sound in production, as well post production for a variety of film, video and television productions. I started in the Denver production market as a cameraman, editor and sound mixer at Denver 8 TV while attending relevant college for a bachelors degree. From there I moved onto other opportunities before becoming a freelancer. Take comfort that I have mixed sound professionally since 1990.

Colorado camera crews, cameraman & sound recordist on video production for broadcast television. Mister Photon Media
Colorado camera crews: cameraman & sound recordist on video production for broadcast television.

Why a local Denver sound recordist?

It can be a concern when working with a new freelancer that you have never worked with, but I have references and works examples to re-assure you making your video, film or television production easy, as well, expected. Here’s how I can help:

  • Provide the needed camera support labor.
  • Provide expert location sound services so clients don’t have to try or do it themselves.
  • Reduce the equipment for traveling crews, DP’s camera people among others by bringing my location sound gear, or additional camera support equipment.
  • Provide additional lighting.
  • Provide additional grip equipment..
  • Provide additional camera support equipment.
  • Take your mind of the worry of hiring a less than perfect sound recordist.
  • Free up your time as a camera operator by recording & mixing your location sound.
  • Hiring a veteran with professional experience since 1990.

Contact me for Denver or Colorado Services

Telephones: (720) 299-2084 or (303) 346-2377

skype: misterphotonmedia or Nick Teti

email at

If I’m not available to be your sound guy, I’ll refer a friend whom can help you on your production as a sound recordist.