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As a sound man and production professional I like working, so call me for any part of Colorado with many areas local as a freelancer. For crews, camera people or other clients needing a sound recordist in some part of Colorado that don’t need the hassle of scouring the web or other online resource, call on me for a sound guy with the gear to scale to your video, film or production needs along with the business references. With my additional equipment and resources, aside from my years as a sound recordist, I can help with additional equipment, as well assistance aside from sound mixing & recording. I also have years of business references and can provide these to serious inquiries as well. Aside from specific pages in this website mentioning services in specific cities or Colorado areas, count on me anywhere in the state as a dependable sound guy. If you call and I am already busy, I will refer a friend with comparable production experience.

Some Production Samples

Sound Man or Sound Guy in Video,
Film or Television Production

A phrase, sound man or sound guy is becoming an older nickname in video, film or television production, and not appropriate in female gender for female sound people in the same business, but would be in my instance (Nick Teti). The term sound recordist or sound mixer is the most common term for a sound person in video or film productions and sometimes a sound assistant, audio assistant or a sound or audi operator. A term of sound man, sound woman or sound guy is still used, however a sound mixer or sound recordist or even a sound engineer are the most common uses due to both genders having expertise in this role, like any other. You can also replace the “sound” prefix with audio as well, and will still get a lot of recognition for production lingo. You as a client can still refer to me as a sound man or sound guy or audio guy, without offense however in the capacity of video, television or film productions in my male gender. Contacting me by phone is the fastest method,
either by (720) 299-2084 voice or text. My contact page has my email too.

ESPN interview 30 for 30 with NBA Player Anthony Davis. Nick, Mister Photon Media.
ESPN interview 30 for 30 with NBA Player Anthony Davis. Nick, Mister Photon Media in Denver CO.

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