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Comments Policy & How to Contact Me
(NOT through comments please)

Please don’t try to book me by making a comment on this website, as it will likely not reach me in time. I do check comments frequently, but the amount of spammers adds extra time for me trying to get through all the comments to find the good ones out of the many bad ones that spammers attempt.

Book me for Colorado location sound mixer services or traveling,
call or text right away at: (720) 299-2084 please.

You can also contact me by email:    but please note, that I can reply to text or voice calls more promptly if I’m on a shoot.

About My Website and My Location Sound Mixer Services

This website focuses on my services for Colorado sound recordist services, and camera support, as well details my experience in production as a sound guy, in Denver, other Colorado areas, nationally, as well traveling for video, film as well television production.


Post crap spam for viagr@, drugs, pharmacy medications, and anything not related to video, film or television production. Your comment will never make it, and it is not appreciated. DON’T BE STUPID, AND it’s TOO BAD THAT I CAN’T SMAC$ those types FOR TRYING TO SPAM THIS PERFECTLY GOOD WEBSITE. Don’t waste my time, and incline me to register you on black lists by attempting to spam herein, as all comments are manually approved.

Please DO

  • Ask questions that are relevant to video, film or television production, and I’ll be happy to answer them if I can.
  • Send relevant links to industry resources in video, television or film production, and I’ll evaluate the relevance of the comment or links or resources.
  • Contact me for resources in Colorado relating to video, film, television production or photography including camera crew members, location sound mixer/recordist services or equipment.
  • Contact me for business references or references in other states or countries, such as other freelancers.
  • Send other relevant ideas or information to television, video or film production.
  • I may start a sound mixer & recordist global registry in the future, TBD. Send me your information anyway and some references and I’ll refer you as a sound man or woman in another state, area or country if someone asks me for location sound in a particular area outside Colorado. Or contact me, and I will travel as well for location sound or other camera support needs.
  • Start discussions or share relevant ideas to video, television or film production, including camera, sound, lighting, rigging, editing, motion graphics, data management or other common discussions.

Good Topics for Discussion and Comments

  • Location sound tips & tricks, including any youtube channel tutorials.
  • Camera equipment set up or reviews, lighting, audio gear, cameras, camera support, rigging, or other production items or set up or operation.
  • Local freelancer introductions in other states or countries; for example, my name’s “” and I’m a freelance “” in NY, London, etc,.
  • Day rates and rate scales for labor apart from equipment for sound recordists (sound man, sound guy or woman, boom operators, or other audio people for production), or any other crew members like director of photography, camera operators, gaffers, videographer, grips, PA/production assistants, DIT/digital imaging technicians, key, swing, data managers or wranglers, jib operators, steadicam operators, electrician, AC/assistant camera or any other crew member.
  • Software, hardware, file sharing, editing, post production and shooting or sound mixing for post production.
  • Discussions on RF/radio frequencies, frequency blocks, RF and wireless microphone/lavlaiere technology.
  • Discussions on location sound gear, studio gear, post production equipment or related topics.
  • Troubleshooting location sound issues or what causes what?
  • Asking for advice on gear, location sound equipment, mixers, recorders, lavalieres, specific microphones, specific microphones like lavaliere heads, shotgun microphones, hand mics or other sound equipment or sound recording or mixing with these equipment and recording, or syncing.

Contact Me to Reach Me Right Away

Book me for Colorado location sound mixer services or traveling, by calling or texting  at: (720) 299-2084 please.

You can also contact me by email: