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Please call or text me at (720) 299-2084 to reach me faster. My email above will still reach me, and I can always email you a rate for a production contract. Text, email or add me as a Skype contact if you reside out of the USA and want to avoid long distance charges if they apply to you. Calling me or texting me is the fastest way to communicate, but please email or skype if you like.

I provide service throughout Colorado & traveling.

Large HD camera crew in Denver Colorado, for 'The Last Cake Standing."
Denver Colorado television camera crew on the production set for ‘The Last Cake Standing.” By Nick Teti, of Mister Photon Media LLC.

Service Summary & Capabilities: a professional for decades

Apart from location sound services, I can help clients with camera assistance, equipment rental, additional crew member referral among other video, film or television production. As I have been a production professional since 1990 my services include:

  • Sound Recordist/Man with additional equipment rental for camera support.
  • Gaffer, grip or other lighting assistance with lights, grip gear or other equipment.
  • Camera Assistant; AC, camera assist or other related task with your gear or mine.
  • Camera operator with gear or operating yours.
  • Data Manager / Data Wrangler.
  • Audio post production, audio restoration and other audio & post production.
  • Other camera crew members referred to you.

Mister Photon Media: SPEED TV Channel broadcast: "Pinks" in Morrison CO & a TV commercial advertisement in Denver Colorado.
SPEED TV Channel broadcast: “Pinks” in Morrison CO & a TV commercial advertisement in Denver Colorado.

Synonyms for a sound person, including my services include:

  1. Sound Man  – a male gender reference, typically more common in video or television lingo.
  2. Sound Guy – another male gender reference typically more common in video or film production language.
  3. Audio or Sound Engineer – used to describe someone whom configures audio systems, provides post production or editing of sound recordings, often to mix & record on location or in the studio or other production environment. This term sound engineer can be used for location sound as the person whom does these tasks by hardware configuration or the actual sound recordist.
  4. Production or location sound – the techniques, equipment and personnel to mix & record audio at a specific location, typically away from a studio environment or sports or production truck application.
  5. Sound Mixer – can be either the hardware or technology that combines, separates, and manages levels or modulates or regulates levels with inputs or outputs. Or the term can be referred to the sound person managing audio sources, mixing them, as well managing the recording to camera, digital or analogue recorder, to other devices or transmitting via other technology.
  6. Audio Guy – another synonym most commonly to refer to a male location sound person in video, and more often in television production.
  7. Location sound – the methods of mixing & recording audio for video, film or television production  most commonly, and for the definition of my services, which also include sound effects recording, foley, sound recording for radio journalism or other media. I also m ix & record sound for advertising as well.
  8. Production – In my services, it includes video, television, film or other similar production sound mixing and recording. To produce is to make or create something, and in media production it is typically an audio recording with or without time code. Other production includes digital audio files with or without synced video, as well time code. In production services that other professionals provide location sound the most common equipment used are microphones, a mixer or mixer / recorder combination, among other equipment to capture sound sources from various subjects to a permanent recording. I have also done radio journalism in the past, and can for clients as well.
  9. Location or Set – A set is a term commonly used in a feature or any other type of production, using cameras, and often lighting, sound, grip among other production equipment. A set can be an complex studio or faux location with artificial lighting as well, a green screen environment, or an environment created from a clients resources or even a landscape. The term set was commonly derived by setting or placing equipment together, a crew + other needed elements for a shot or series of shots called a scene or an entire production. I can refer locations in many Colorado cities, including multiple areas in Denver, among other places or direct a crew or production to an area with many possible locations.
  10. Sound Mixing and or Sound Recording – Mixing means combining and regulating audio or sound to acceptable recording levels, with a reference level in mind of a particular camera, recording device, editing platform or reference level for a live broadcast. A reference level is a unit of volume not to be exceeded or to be ideally met in loudness in audio. Many reference levels have a tolerable threshold slightly above or below before over modulating (sound distortion) occurs, or the audio is inaudible causing other problems. Sound recording is capturing sound / audio to a recording device with a desired reference level range.

Television crew including sound recordist, gaffer, grip, and director of photography on Colorado video productions. Nick, Mister Photon Media.
Left: On on the set in Morrison Colorado providing camera crew support services for a Mike Shaw Automtive Commercial. Right: Green Screen for Television Commercial in Fort Collins CO, with Olympic Athlete Caroline Zhang for ATT Wireless. Nick Teti, Mister Photon Media.

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Postal Address is: 632 South Grant Street, Denver, Colorado 80209 (CO USA) and I provide location sound & camera support ACROSS Colorado and local in many areas.

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