Crew Members: sound man, gaffer, data, camera support & other resources

Mister Photon Media was founded by, Nick Teti,
a Colorado native with global experience

I provide local Colorado sound man services and can also refer camera crew services, including camera crew members here anywhere in the state, as well travel throughout the USA, as well globally for clients whom need to rely on someone whom is always on top of their job. Aside from these services I can support your network, production or crew with additional equipment as well, expertise, as well refer other people to your production. If I am already booked on a shoot i will refer a friend whom is able to meet you location sound requirement. You can also hire me as a sound man, as well to assist with lighting, additional gear rental, or other camera support operations. My skills include all of these and more expertise, as I have been a production professional since 1991, after the applicable college degree, internships, as well, years of applied experience.

Hire a local sound recordist, camera crew, TV, film, EFP or ENG or HD video crew in Colorado: Mister Photon Media
A local HD video crew in Dillon Colorado, provided by Nick, of Mister Photon Media LLC. Aside from location sound recordist services, Nick can also refer a well equipped camera crew, (also known as a HD video crew, TV or television crew, ENG, EFP or film crew in our expertise), or crew members to support you anywhere in Colorado as any type of client.

Here is a group of people & resources,
that I can refer in Colorado, anywhere

  • Sound Recordist with gear as myself, a friend as well if it’s a larger shoot.
  • Data Manager, (also in my expertise), or a friend.
  • Camera/DP, (in my expertise as well), or a friend.
  • Gaffer or grip with gear, (in my expertise as well, all the way up to large semi size trucks loaded), or a friend.
  • Teleprompter Operator with various prompter configurations, like hi-brite, through the lens, in front, etc,.
  • PA – production assistant, several friends to refer.
  • Camera Assistant / AC – aka assistant camera – myself or a friend, as well, I can provide support gear.
  • Makeup Artist, is not my specialty, but I can refer someone.
  • DIT/Digital Imaging Technician – someone whom can manage data, convert video formats, and has a post production background.


I started as a ENG and studio cameraman, editor and sound mixer at Denver 8 Television. Learning audio in the field, as well in the studio, as well for editing created the foundation of my years of applied experience. Learning to light, as well, operate a camera as well edit video professionally has taken my expertise through and to modern day technology. As well, film, and other types of video production has expended my background to enable any type of client coming to Colorado or traveling my services the ease of mind that I was a rookie decades ago.

Contact: (720) 299-2084

alternate (303) 346-2377