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Below are samples that are a montage overview of all the various type productions I have worked on.

These samples however do not include every production I have ever worked on, however you will get the impression of my extensive experience in production dating to 1990, branching out nationally & global in 1991. All the work below is produced via my direct involvement and not borrowed / plagiarized.

Referring to I or myself, Nick Teti, please review my production work below for production samples on this page.
Review the Demo Reel, parts 1 and 2 for a montage of work performed over the years of my video, film and applied television productions. Aside from location sound & other production audio my additional expertise includes video editing, camera, and lighting, among other services. All my collective skills ease the burden on any camera person or crew or other hiring client, enabling a more efficient production, regardless of the specific genre, message, genre, or program.

If you simple need a sound man for your production with equipment, you have the right audio guy, and I can provide additional assistance to you as a camera person in your tasks, or simply manage the sound mixing & recording leaving the other tasks to designated crew members.

I’m often hired by crews or camera people coming to Colorado whom need sound mixing & recording, or lighting or camera assistance along with additional equipment, saving them the burden of bringing larger tripods, monitors, large lighting kits, among other pieces that cost additional preparation time, as well travel costs imposed by airlines. Thank You for visiting and browse the videos below, Nick.

Playlist Demo Reel by Category

Use the skip forward or skip backwards button to skip past the video playing to watch another video in this montage of various production category videos.

The Racing Line: Voice Over, SFX, Foley, To Camera location sound

On this production of The Racing Line I was hired as a sound recordist / mixer in Pueblo Colorado. I was hired as a sound man to record voice over/narration, to camera addresses, foley/sound effects and assisted with other production tasks. The challenges were mixing sound in car without letting the engine & car mechanics dominate the voice over. Other challenges in auto racing programs include avoiding over-modulation from high winds and loud auto noises. As you can tell I’m a pro at this by tuning in to this YouTube video.

Demo Reel, all topics Part 1, in Colorado, National, Global

This is montage of all the video productions, including  television and film  I have worked on. Please view more production samples below. Aside from my location sound services; regardless of your location, my company can also refer crew members, along with other equipment in a specific area of Colorado. The examples above detail work throughout the state, national samples and some production examples for production clients outside the USA. This montage does not cover every production I have ever worked on, but you will get the idea of my diverse production experience. The audio was replaced by a sound track to keep the audience from being jarred b y the constant change in subject matter.

Demo Reel Montage Part 2, in Colorado, National, Global

Demo Reel montage, part 2, Nick Teti & Mister Photon Media. Based in Colorado, we’re able to reach the major metro or larger or popular production areas within minutes; Mister Photon Media, to wherever your production is located.

Concert Video Production in  Colorado

This concert was shot in 720p HD originally in Arvada Colorado. We provided & referred engineering, as well camera operator & utility referral to this concert. My additional skills aside from location sound can be used to the benefit of any hiring clients production.

Quick Interview Montage, RED Robin Restaurant for sales  & marketing video

Including Red Robin among others, including hiring video or television production companies have hired Nick of Mister Photon Media for local services from the personnel to other solutions to produce television advertising or commercials, corporate videos, video news releases, training videos for employees, demonstration videos, sports profiles, interviews, specific TV programming production or crews to hiring producers, among others needs.

AT&T Corporate Video & Television Commercial Production – samples

Nick provided services for this video advertising AT&T in Fort Collins Colorado. The video campaign featured Olympic Skater Carolyn Zang. The campaigns were used in television commercials, web videos, advertising videos and also an employee communication / motivation video campaign.

BET Programming, MAAD Sports SD Video

Before HD television broadcasts and 16×9 SD video, SD 4×3 video was the standard. In Denver Colorado following Carmello Anthony, then playing for the Denver Nuggets. Aside from this reality television piece, I have worked on several other factual entertainment pieces, including ABC’s The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Amazing Race, For Love of For Money, Oprah’s Big Give, Dad My Dad, I’ll Try Anything Once, What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Extreme Makeover, Extreme Home Makeover among several others. Here’s a link to Black Entertainment Television, BET. 

20 and 10 second SD television commercials, before HD broadcast or 16×9 broadcasts

These television campaigns above advertised Good Feet, and I have provided crew services to this television advertising campaign. These video productions were shot all over the metro area, including Denver, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Centennial among other places over the years. My experience spans most of Colorado and many states for television advertising, corporate video production among other advertising campaigns. My credits span the globe for various types of clients, networks, hiring producers & crews.

Safety Training Video for a Construction Company

I have been hired for several demonstration or training video for consumers or employees or other audience. I can also record voice overs to digital video recorders, cameras, or other recording devices. Often these videos are also called a demonstration video in production lingo. From complex procedures or for any type of industry, I can assist you as any type of client in any type of industry or organization.

 CNN News Piece, “Prenatal Promise,” Lou Dobbs Tonight

I have worked for various CNN shows, and CNN broadcasts in Colorado, traveling through the USA and to a few other countries as well.

Discovery Channel, On the Case with Paula Zahn Excerpt

This is a portion of an entire program resolving the criminal case of Brent Brents, whom terrorized Denver before being arrested in Glenwood Springs Colorado. I provided a several assignments to this production, as well in the police chase, the reenactment, the interviews,  among B Roll detailing this true crime television story.

 CNN 10th Special Forces Piece, CNN Heroes


This piece details the heroism of Master Sgt. Rob Flouney, in Iraq for the 10th Special Forces, (The Green Barets’ as their name). Some sample networks I have worked for several times over years include CNN, ABC, ABC News, CBS, CBS News, APTV, BBC & BBC News, TV Asahi, Fuji TV, The Weather Channel, ESPN various, History, Discovery, National Geographic, NBC & NBC News, among many others.

Live Shot, Satellite Uplink

This is a shot you see with a side by side live television interview. You do not hear the questions, as they are being asked to the person on camera from the director by IFB. I have provided several live shots for various CNN shows (CNN Headline News, Larry King Live, CNN Weather, AC 360 among others), Blooomberg Television, The Weather Channel, NBC News, C-Span, FOX Sports/FSN, among a few others. My news gathering experience spans many networks around the planet.

Nat Geo TV Documentary, Columbine HS Shootings

Mister Photon Media (Nick Teti), provided coverage Boulder Colorado at CU/University of Colorado for ESPN, among in some other locations. For a  well rounded production professional consider Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media llc in Colorado, nationally or globally. My portion of this feature focuses on Shane Harris-Tunks.

Oracle, Corporate Video Production

I have mixed & recorded sound for several corporate video productions through Denver, CO, and nationally traveling with crews. These specific programs have included testimonials, sales or marketing pieces, employee training, communications or other informational videos, among other assignments.

Keep checking back, as I update this page frequently, when spare time arises.

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These production samples above were captured all over Colorado, Denver local, and many other places in the United States of America, as well traveling to other countries. For cost quotes, to book me or another sound person or arrange other crew resources in Colorado, please contact me by telephone at the fastest method (720) 299-2084 or email as second method:

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