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Bachelors Degree, Major: Journalism / Technical Media, Applied Arts in Photography from Auraria Campus, University of Colorado Denver. Course work included 3+ years of applied internships in television production with a graduating GPA or 3.98. My college education taught me everything from lighting, rigging, camera operation, sound mixing & recording, editing, writing, photography, applied art and the ambition to enjoy a long career. I’ve also learned from other people in production new tricks & techniques, from online resources, hitting the books, and from trade publications, online articles, as well from others along the way.

Work History

  • Denver 8 Television: 1990‐1995: video editing, studio camera, ENG camera & field cameraman (Photojournalist shooting and managing audio, as well lighting). Audio for post production, ENG video, as well production truck & studio sound mixing.  Additional location sound was also applied on every field assignment. I also provided these services to Denver 8 Television on a freelance basis from 2005 to 2008 providing location sound, camera operation, and studio sound mixing as well.
  • Comcast / TCI: 1995‐1996: studio camera, studio lighting, post production, studio sound, graphics for post production.
  • ABC News: 1997‐1999: ENG camera, lighting on location and in the studio, location sound and some studio operations including camera operation, as well sound mixing for newscasts. Additional sound mixing experience in editing news packages, as well. Sound recording skills were applied by myself as a single photojournalist.
  • Freelance 1999 to present for several other networks (ENG, EFP, various personnel roles & referral). I still freelance for ABC National, NBC Uni, CNN, FOX/FOX SPORTS, among several others including several others in cable television, as well networks and clients across the globe.
  • Mister Photon Media: 2003 to present: broader emphasis on freelance for clients locally, national & globally. Additional gear aside from location sound equipment is available to my hiring clients including camera support, lighting, grip equipment, monitors, backgrounds, aside from ample location sound gear that I bring for productions to all sorts of hiring clients.

My Freelance network experience in camera, as well location sound or studio sound covers clients, as well networks, across the planet aside from any Co area needed. Additional skills as a shooter, cameraman, gaffer, data manager, and other skills are in my credits as a freelancer including as a sound editor, and post editor, and in my prior employment along with the references in business to back the story. All of these skills ensure your hiring the best location sound recordist for your production. If you need a sound man locally in a Colorado area including Denver or wherever that will be an extension of your production, whom is easy to get along with, can assist you in your production tasks, as well make your travels into Colorado areas easier with additional resources, as well referrals.

Colorado camera crews & sound recordist services by Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media. Lake Dillon, in Dillon CO near Breckenridge for a television commercial series for Mike Shaw Auto.
Colorado sound recordist for camera crews, video, film or television productions. Services by Nick Teti of Mister Photon Media. Left: ENG video crews in action at the Kobe Bryant court hearings in Eagle CO, near Vail Colorado. Right: Lake Dillon, in Dillon CO near Breckenridge for a television commercial series for Mike Shaw Auto.

My types of clients include cable television networks, network television clients, corporate video producers & businesses, agencies, camera crews, production companies, among others producing for all types of ENG, EFP, corporate video, broadcast TV or motion picture film production. Motion picture camera experience includes 35mm film, Super 16, 70mm among other cinematography cameras). I also have 35mm format camera experience as a sound recordist, and operator, in UHD, 4K, and larger format resolution cameras like RED Weapon, newer Black Magic cameras among others.

Skills and Expertise

When you need a SOLID VETERAN sound recordist whom has additional skills that can assist any camera person or crew, producer or other client, consider me as a team player whom can assist to speed your shoot along, as well, mix & record the best sound on location or in the studio. My years of applied skills have brought a full resume of credits, as well, assistance to all types of crews in sound, as well providing other expertise, as well as, the needed gear to specific demands. I have pages of client references on my location sound services to them from several other countries as well, many differing types of clients in video, film, as well television production for all genres of productions. These skills are:

  1. Specializing in location sound and production support (working well by myself or in larger or smaller sound or camera crews) for directors of photography or supporting camera crews. My sound mixing/recording includes 35mm film or UHD camera sync, sync with time code to video cameras or recorders/mixers, using all types of common, as well uncommon location sound gear like shotgun microphones, lavalieres, hand mics or specific pickup or application microphones, mixers, mixer/recorders, time code sync devices, slates, cables for specific applications, among the many other pieces of gear that sound recordists use. My gear experience scales to feature film production directing other technicians, as well reality TV or larger scale television or film productions where larger sound crews are employed to capture every critical piece of sound.
  2. Camera in 35mm film, 4K or larger formats, HD video and SD video formats. Film cameras from super 16 to 70mm along with all the sound gear to marry the two. I also had a past experience in film telecine, as well post production on indy films.
  3. Lighting as a Gaffer for video, television or film production that includes all production genres with years of lighting experience. My experience includes all types of scenes, subjects on various shoots utilizing a variety of specialized instruments, as well common equipment pieces from small specials to 18K+ lights. Additional grip, and electrical distribution experience for larger film sets and TV set lighting is also in my expertise.
  4. Grip & Rigging of all types
  5. Data Management / Data Wrangler
  6. Video editing and post technologies with previous experience in linear and component based editing transitioning to NLE platforms and software. As an editor I can also work with syncing audio to modern camera formats, as well edit video with applications like Adobe, FCP and Resolve. I have audio editing experience with Audition, Wav Agent, Tentacle Studio, Sound Forge, Audacity, Adobe, Sound Track Pro and some other applications as well.
  7. Other production experience and expertise for 35mm, UHD/4K or larger formats, HD, SD + journalism as well as non‐journalism, broadcast television including the various genres of programming, corporate video production, as well many types of film production.

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