Top Chef! Another reality show for my experience & credit list: camera operation as well, location sound

I just finished a group of shoots for Top Chef season 15 as both a sound man and a cameraman for the upcoming Top Chef season in 2018. I provided content production for this reality show including B Roll, interview materials, side stories, character background, post competition interviews, competition coverage and some other content. Areas of production included Thornton, Denver, Conifer, Aspen, and Telluride Colorado for production. 

The Gear

For camera operation I used the Sony PXW-FS7, as well the PDW-F800. The sound packages consisted of Lectrosonics wireless and Sound Devices mixers, as well Sennheiser shotgun microphones via K-Tek fish poles/boom poles. Due to the fast paced reality TV schedule, the lighting package were minimal excepting the formal post event interviews where several instruments were used, as well as several pieces of grip equipment.