Nick of Mister Photon Media adds new audio gear & grip for location sound (720) 299-2084


Sennheiser AVX100 ME2 sets.

I have been using Sennheiser AVX100 wireless systems in addition to my others, as well tentacle lock-it boxes for wireless time code sync in addition to my other equipment as a sound man. I have additional Countryman B3 and B6 microphones heads as well for these wireless Sennheiser kits.  These pieces of gear expand my capabilities to make shoots easier for wireless uses, as well for time code sync making me as a sound recordist much appreciated in the post production stages in any video, film or television production, as well, by the director of photography. The AVX100’s and my other wireless kits can also be used as links to cameras without cable dependency. This wireless connection transmitted from the sound recordist to the receivers on the camera are commonly known as camera hops or links, (wireless connection to a camera transmitted from the transmitter(s) to the receiver(s)). And the tentacles are popular for all types of camera people from the Dp/director of photography, Rig Operator like an EZ-Rig and Ronin operator or steadicam operator or other camera people not wanting an additional sync cable tethering the camera to the sound recordist’s equipment.

More about the AVX100 wireless technology..

I’m always evolving with technology as an audio guy. The AVX100 can be used for wireless, as well my larger inventory of Sennheiser, as well as, Lectrosonics wireless pending preferences, locations and ideal conditions. These wireless work different than many wireless as they are in BlueTooth frequencies, but change frequencies dynamically to find open RF. Blue Tooth is an RF/radio frequency signal but in a higher spectrum/frequency. These will also change frequency when interfered with. In large open areas where lots of existing RF is already present you will not find many Bluetooth competing RF interfering sources. Take for instance near Lookout Mountain Colorado that uses traditional VHF and UHF RF sources from 200 mhz up to 900mhz and not much Bluetooth, where you will likely have little or no problems as these RF sources are in a differing RF spectrum if you use Bluetooth technology based wireless that is frequency agile. With the FCC also selling off the 600mhz spectrum will likely cause more problems with lavalieres and their owners in this RF spectrum. I’ve also scanned the UHF spectrum in areas like Golden and Arvada finding about every portion on the open air having some RF junk, (interference) in little or high amounts resulting in unwanted noise or even audible distractions in audio. However Agile Bluetooth like the AVX100 series wireless is better than older RF technology in that is will automatically find an open frequency in the Bluetooth spectrum, and the Bluetooth technology also can be more effective at penetrating walls making dropouts around corners or out of site less likely than typical line of site UHF wireless technology. Just out of site or line of site is a typical dependence that VHF or UHF wireless microphones have/wireless lavalieres use. One last advantage of the AVX100 series wireless is they automatically scan for open frequencies when they are turned on, as well, can/will automatically detect interference, and change frequency if needed enabling the production sound mixer (audio person), to work faster without more delays to shooting.

More Miscellaneous Equipment

I’ve also added some more equipment like 3 Shure table microphones, some microdot wind screens, as well some high wind diffusion wind screens for my lavalieres as well. Among some other odd and ends, I’m frequently adding to my sound packages to be a sound man able to keep the pace of any type of production.

I’ve added more lighting & grip equipment as well

Aside from a sound recordist, I can assist as a gaffer, grip, as a data wrangler, as well with additional gear. I’ve added some flags, one apple box, some 4×4’s in 1/2 and 1/4 silks, one 4×4 frame, among some other odds and ends. If you’re traveling into Colorado by plane or other means that does not allow the gear you would like to bring, I have additional equipment like tripods, lighting, monitors, cables and grip gear. So if you need a sound guy like me, I can help you as a camera assistant as well or just as one if you have your production sound mixing handled, or I can assist with both.

Here is a link to my complete equipment list as well.

Professional Sound Mixers & Recorders for Video, Television or Film

  • Sound Devices 552 ENG/EFP audio mixer & recorder with 2 channel recording.
  • Sound Devices 664 Mixer Recorder with 6 dedicated solo XLR inputs, with other inputs as well. This can record up to 16 tracks, but 6 are assigned XLR dedicated the other connections are non XLR connections.
  • Tascam HS-P82 Mixer Recorder – Having 8 dedicated split inputs, this is a very high end digital audio recorder / mixer for ENG, EFP, film or video production. This mixer recorder has 8 inputs, 2 outputs and digital audio recording, filtering and mixing up to 10 tracks along with time code embedded from a device or to slave several devices like several different cameras or other I/O recorders. Read more below about this mixer / recorder. This mixer has advantages of the Sound Devices 552 and 664 mixer/recorders and is comparable in features with a Zaxcomm Diva 8 or a Sound Devices 788T mixer/recorder because of the separate XLR inputs that do not require routing or adapted cables. For any audio mixing and recording requiring more than 2 tracks or with time code, this is the machine I use to fulfill the responsibilities or more demanding location sound. It also has adjustable low cut roll off, phase assignments, sample rates to 196k, among other useful features.
  • Marantz 660 – a digital flash recorder – records to PCM or MP3 formats. This can also be used to recorded time code format MP3 files or WAV format. This can be used as a primary or backup recorder, however the list above is a better choice for versatility and overall features.
  • Tascam DR100 Mark II – A very versatile portable & capable mixer for 2-4 track recording. I can record wav or MP3 format files with higher sampling rates, as well WAV, including with time code with adapters. This recorder can be used as a primary or backup recorder, however the list of the 3 first on the list above is a better choice for versatility.
  • PSC AlphaMix – a 4 channel ENG/EFP audio mixer with several outputs.
  • Mackie 1404 & 1202 VLZ sound mixers with 8 inputs, EQ/equalier among other features. If you are sitting a place with power and need more control over EQ and gain, this would be the ticket as the EQ frequency control is great.

Wireless Microphones / Lavalieres

  • Lectrosonics LMA/UCR 100 (2 pairs)
  • Lectrosonics UCR 211 (2 pairs)
  • Lectrosonics UCR 411a (2 pairs)
  • Lectrosonics UCR 411 MM series (2 pairs)
  • Lectrosonics SMa (2)
  • Wireless mic heads include: 4 Countryman B6, 4 Countryman B3, 4 Sony ECM 77, two Tram TR 50, and various Lectrosonics M150 & 152 heads
  • Sennheiser SKP 500 lavaliers (4 pairs)
  • Sennheiser SK 2000 lavaliers (2 pairs) (100 MW power)
  • Sennheiser EW G3 lavaliers (4 pairs)
  • Sennheiser AVX100 (2)
  • All having clips, and wind screens

Shotgun Microphones & Needed Additionals

Sennheiser Shotgun microphones:

  • MKH 60,
  • MKH 416,
  • MKH 816, ME 66,
  • ME 80,
  • ME62
  • All have windscreens

Neumann KMR81IMT long shotgun

Schoeps CMC6U/MK41 combination

KTek boom poles & shotgun microphone suspension mounts

Wind Jammers for these microphones

Additional Microphones

  • Tram hard wire microphones (2)
  • Countryman B6 hard wire microphones (2), great for stationary interviews and hiding when in RF heavy areas
  • Electro Voice RE50B stick microphones (2)
  • Stick Microphones (4), Audio Technica
  • All with windscreens

Extra Audio Support Gear

  • Comtek / AKA Comteck or Comtech – If you’re worried about clean audio, don’t fear. After a while of listening, the Com system will be set aside quickly by you after you’ve been assured you hired a pro like me.
  • XLR cables, barrels, ground lifters & adapters
  • Additional wind screens for every shotgun mic, lavaliere, tram & stick mic
  • Fostex DAT recorder
  • 2 Tentacle LockIt/Lock-it boxes (time code sync)
  • RF Explorer Scanner & software
  • Laptops & Card Reader (Mac or PC)
  • Slate
  • Other hand held microphones
  • 3 new Shure PZM table microphones

Cables & Connectors

RED, Arri, and a few other cameras have proprietary connectors and not standard BNC for time code in some models. As a location sound mixer I have these connectors to ensure sync with time code aside from other specific ones. With so many proprietary camera cables you’re covered with my inventory from:

  • RED Audio cables, RED ONE, RED EPIC, Raven, Weapon
  • Alexa Input cable,
  • XLR,
  • 1/4 cables & adapters
  • mini male cables and adapters,
  • BNC Cables,
  • Lemo Connectors,
  • Time Code Connectors for RED, or for XLR based cameras,
  • XLR to BNC connectors,
  • Other cables and adapters to connect to any type of camera or digital recorder including for sync time code.

Grip equipment and other camera support gear

Aside from ample sound recording/mixing equipment I also have other camera support equipment to assist you as a local audio guy. I can also provide grip equipment packages into my production van including:

  • MSE grip, including C Stands, and clamps
  • HMI lighting,
  • Kino Flo,
  • LED Lighting
  • Flags,
  • Frames
  • Silks
  • Arri Tungsten,
  • Chimeras,
  • AC,
  • Dimmers,
  • Gels for color correction, light reduction or diffusion
  • Floor Dolly
  • Slider
  • GlideCam
  • LevelCam
  • Monitors
  • Tripods
  • Other resources taking the hassle out of your Colorado video, film or television production.

Here is a link to my complete equipment list as well.

This website details the services of Nick Teti a local Colorado sound recordist, location sound man,
sound guy, audio guy & location sound mixer for video, film or television production. As I mentioned I also provide additional services of camera support, including gaffer or grip with lighting & grip equipment as well anywhere in the state of Colorado, including Denver or other city, town or area.

To book me, please call (720) 299-2084 or (303) 346-2377 or follow the contact page to email. Thanks. 

Sample from a live shot in Denver Colorado for ENG/news video broadcast by Mister Photon Media & Nick Teti providing cameraman/photojounalist services and location sound video. (720) 299-2084
Sample from a live shot in Denver Colorado for ENG/news video broadcast by Mister Photon Media & Nick Teti providing cameraman/photojounalist services and location sound video. (720) 299-2084